Dr. Mark is incredible. He not only adjusts you but educates you on the importance of chiropractic care. He truly cares about his patients! - Richard A.

The Best in the Business! Dr. Mark is someone I've been seeing for quite a while now. He is phenomenal in the work he does. He really cares about his patients and their health/lifestyle. He knows what he is doing and it is always done in a timely manner. I wouldn’t recommend anyone else and will always recommend his services. Life-changing and breathtaking. Thank you Dr. Mark for all you always do! - Chris B.

Skilled, knowledgeable and efficient - Johanna S.

Dr. Ashley was the very first Chiropractor I ever went to. I was in constant pain radiating from my neck to my shoulder, causing me not to be able to get out of bed, hold my daughter, or have a normal life. Always having a fear for some reason of Chiropractors, Dr. Ashley eased my mind and made me feel relaxed. After one visit I felt more mobility and after a short while I no longer had pain. I even have added benefits I didnt even expect. I no longer get constant migraines. I am continually finding changes in my life that I thought of as normal life but since being adjusted my life has changed for the better. - Kaetlyn B.

10 years ago I found Vital Health of the Palm Beachs and West Palm Beach Chiropractor, Dr Mark Ashley.  He absolutetly changed my life! I had pinched nerves, pins and needles in my leg, was not proactive in an exercise program and felt lethargic with constant headaches. After 10 years of coming to this practice I feel energized and have learned about the central nervous system and what it does for your complete health. Once you know about chiropractic care, you won’t go back. I get adjusted on a frequent basis, 2 times a month or more, and if ever I get off my schedule I can feel it.  This is a lifestyle program, and I will stick with it. Kaetlyn at the front desk is exceptional and Vital Health is a very professional business. - Christopher P.

They are a very friendly and welcoming staff. The Chiropractor explains what it is that may be bothering you by taking x-rays. They are very concerned about you having a better and healthier life. - Lionel V.

Dr. Ashley is the best and has help me a lot and now I’m living a healthy lifestyle!!!! I highly recommend Vital Health Lifestyle, staff is very professional and friendly. - Melanie L.

Dr. Mark Ashley took the time to educate us regarding the process towards better health through chiropractic care. This was done through speaking to us, his educational seminar, and explaining our x-rays with clarity. His gentle demeanor helped put us at ease regarding embarking upon the chiropractic journey towards better health.  The staff is also very friendly, welcoming, professional, and accommodating. Maria V.

Dr. Mark has fixed my neck issues a couple of times now and beyond that-no more migraines!!!!! Amazing! - Lhena M.

Vital Health Lifestyle has changed my life tremendously. I am in better health and I am able to do more physically. I continue seeing Dr. Ashley 3 times a month and encourage everyone to get a healthy spine. - Dawn J.

Dr. Ashley helped me understand how a healthy spine leads to long term health and wellness in all aspects of your life! Thank you! - Hampton B.



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